Fitlock is the name behind successful gardening because their unique Hothouses, Shadehouses, and Combohouses harness the best nature has to offer, giving you healthy luscious plants, at a fraction of the effort, whatever time of year. Click here to review our houses.



Award-winning innovation is what sets Fitlock gardening products apart from the rest. Fitlock products are manufactured by masteres of innovation WA Coppins. Established since 1898, they are responsible for ground-breaking inventions such as the Para Sea Anchor. Para Sea Anchor WA Coppins have manufactured Fitlock products at their factory since 1987, and have perfected a superior range at the lowest possible price. There are no middlemen or subcontractors, so innovation is available directly to you by ordering online. online

TomatoesHow do our houses work?

Fitlock Hothouses create a warm, growth-promoting environment, trapping heat in the soil thanks to their ultraviolet-proof translucent plastic. This means winter is no longer a problem for those delicate plants, flowers and vegetables, instead you can enjoy a bountiful garden all year round.

Fitlock Shadehouses do exactly that - offer shade from the sun thanks to their innovative green knitted mesh fabric. Shadehouses are ideal for protecting orchids, ferns and delicate flowers. They also offer protection from frost.

Fitlock InteriorWho said you can't control the weather?

As far as growing your garden is concerned, Fitlock can help you gain all the control you need.

In short you are creating your own microenvironment, with microclimate of your choosing. Your friends will be wondering what your secret is when they see the bounty from your garden!

PlantsWhat Fitlock products offer over & above other brands:

  • Cost-effective pricing - order direct,
  • More headroom and width
  • Built to last longer
  • Quick and easy to erect - no nuts, bolts or screws
  • Portable, easy to move around
  • Can sit on uneven ground and don't need a solid base